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Needed Holiday!

23rd October 2014

The one week autumn holiday is just one school day away and I need it. I haven’t had the time or reason to blog since I moved to Nyköping, everything just seams to be about orienteering and school. But still I’m working on one thing, I’m not alone on that project, but it’s a great one so I leave that for a blog post during the holiday. I’m actually considering spreading my studies on four years and not on three because right now I haft to prioritize away some school work.

During next week I’m hopefully going to have some great long distance workouts and still have time to do some heavy coding for the project mentioned above. I wont tell more about it now but it will be a very open one so you will be able to follow it here, on Twitter and on Google+.

I have some mapping planned for next week too, I happens to have some new satellite and GPS tools.

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