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Night Hawk Recap

16th August 2014

First blog post from my new apartment, moved in earlier today!

So what happened to my “most awesome idea in the history of ice cream!”?

To make the story short, my GPS watch didn’t arrive in time, so it didn’t work at all. It’s sad but the race didn’t go to well for me anyway.

Positive Thinking!

Okey, I got some new friends which is always nice! It was a great and social event(whichin this case means “lakanskräck”). I’m coming back next year and probably I will also go to another event(three days) in Oslo during 2015. I got my new GPS watch now ;-)

The full moon at Holmenkollen.

The men's night mass start.

A picture from the forest during the night relay.

A picture picturing lot's of people eating strawberries.

Can you find me in the fourth picture?

All above photos by Aapo Laiho.

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