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Norway Open data and Night Hawk

23rd June 2014

I’m just about to order a Forerunner 210 GPS watch because I have lost my best running watch and I’m in need of one for the orienteering. In august I’m going to Holmenkollen in Norway to participate in the orienteering relay Night Hawk and last year the Norwegian government decided to release tons of Geo data under CC BY 3.0 ,this data includes height data(DMT) for a major part of Norway (Source (in Norwegian)).

I think you know where I’m heading!

Just think about the amazing visualization I will be available to render! First the DMT rendered with WebGl in 3D, then the orienteering map as a layer on top of that and then the GPS track on top of that(Probably I need to write some custom GeoJSON solution) with the possibility to watch my lap! I can find some “How to write” issues in my idea right now but I leave them for later.

To make it even more cool I will try to lend a GoPro Hero so I can sync a video from the forest with the 3D map(The Headlight is a issue there but it’s a small issue).

Get it, It’s the best most awesome idea in the history of ice cream!

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