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Dear Time

12th April 2014

I haven’t posted anything here, I haven’t updated any of my projects and I have been “dead” at Google+/Twitter in a while. I got a reason, or two maybe three but first some things I have done.

Redesigned this blog

I still need some more creative for the blog header, looking weird right now, I need to replace the social buttons(for speed) and design, the Google+ one is really slow and I need to write some script to make sure that Disqus is only loading when used(speed and the fact that all discussions ends up on Twitter and Google+).

Updated App Ground Not any major changes(no needs for it) but changed to Normalize.css version 3 and there is on “and” ;-)

So I need to have some reasons for nearly none commits to Github in about two weeks?

School, boring but interesting, physics is fun, math is also fun, the rest is just boring, I’m quite sure that I have the grades I need but now I end up working to improve them anyway. My old thought “Why work for grades I don’t need?” I seams to forgot about.

Orienteering, the best thing ever invented is back after a not so long winter, I’m not allowed to run everything I would like to,for example I’m not running in the league for now, but still all the traveling takes time and my weekends will be occupied until next winter ;-)

My not so secret project, the thing that takes most time from my open source/data is a web service I’m working on, some people reading this can probably guess what it’s all about, when I decides to tell everyone what it’s I will explain it and my intentions. It’s nothing that doesn’t exists, probably it won’t be public, because I won’t be available to cover the server costs and I have no intends to make any profit. It’s all about learning as always ;-)

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