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The Google Maps Embed API

22nd March 2014 This blog post is outdated.

In January Google relaunched The Google Maps Embed API, I haven’t been using Google Maps for over a year nut I needed to try this out. Google says “There are no usage limits for the Maps Embed API.” but that isn’t true, the limit is “2,000,000 requests/day” so please keep reloading this page. You can’t use your own data or maps with the API, so if you would like to show a place on the map you need to add it through Google Maps. Google probably hopes that this will improve their own place/business data. Google got a great tool for creating these maps. Note that you need a API key.

Basic Map:

Basic Map(Satellite):

Place Map:

Search Map(museums near Stockholm):

Directions Map:

That bus line is really weird and does not exist.

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