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Weekly Update 3

15th March 2014

All weeks comes to an end, some of them are great weeks the rest is greater weeks. This week has been interesting, I have been working on one of my two major(secret) projects and my head is full of new ideas(as always). Last week I wrote about my unsuccessful Milky Way project, before I created it I did play around a bit with Three.js just to try it out.

Inside Equirectangular Earth is a project built with the thought that a 360 degrees panorama(360x360) image is a equirectangular image just as the most common maps of earth. Showing off the earth is about rendering the equirectangular image on a sphere, showing off a panorama is about rendering th equirectangular image inside it.

So just because I like weird perspectives and needed to test Three.js and some plugins I did render the earth inside a sphere, can watch this for many minutes in a row. Zooming and dragging is supported too.


Source at Github

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