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Weekly Update 1

28th February 2014

Weekly updates on things that’s in the works(or at least in thoughts) is something I should try out, mostly because most of my small ideas and experiments never end up being public. Even I I drop a idea or a small project I should share it so someone else who could turn it into something useful.

So to start with the things that I have achieved(or not achieved).

First of all I added the export as GeoJSON feature to OMap Mapper during a bus trip(Monday morning). Edit/Delete functionality is in the works, I needed to use the XMLHttpRequest object for the first time ever(think jQuery). Then I also got a great idea about how I should style a custom marker cluster using some evil CSS3 ;-) Hopefully this project will get a couple of more orienteers involved in OSM.

Then I’m working on rewriting my workout diary, adding support for custom activities, workout planing, sharing, following and statics. It isn’t a public project but that might change.

Than I have been thinking about a “Blue Sky” project, the idea first popped up in my mind a few months ago. i won’t go into details at all but if I end up working on this project it will be huge. It’s a space and WEBGL related project and I actually emailed NASA yesterday asking about some data. If I make any progress on this project, you will be available to read it here!

That’s it for now :-)

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