Board as open source

Board, my “startpage” in Opera, my note application, my bookmark manager and my page for testing HTML5 features. During the summer I decided to clean it up and allow other users try it out, I dropped tons of things(I miss the Grooveshark integration), and fixed the browser supports, I did add synchronization for Opera users(with a extension) and fixed the browser support.

The project died with the development of version two, and I can’t see that I will continue the work any soon. The project was the thing that made me create App Ground. Publishing the Board note core has just been a matter of time, but today I decided to get it done and now after a bit of code cleaning and cuts it’s published at Github. Don’t except too much, it’s just the code behind the notes(and some assets) I have published.

The notes system can easily be added to your websites and apps. Note that the notes is not shared between domains(because the use of localstorage).