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Getting time

15th January 2014

Every day we spend time, most of the time I do something useful, but I spend hours doing “nothing” in school and on the bus. This blog looks pretty ugly right now, I it is not prioritized. I have tons of projects and I’m working on several open source projects… Today during the art class we were introduced to our next task, an image or something else that could represent you…

This blog represents me, and it’s in need of a redesign, so I did ask my teacher if I was allowed to work with vector graphic, typefaces and pictures. It took a minute to convince him but now I have one hour in three weeks to create my new landing page… It won’t take all that time so will have time to add some features to(or do some homeworks). So if this blog looks the same in three weeks it will hurt my grades ;-)

On friday I’m free from school so the tools for Facile will be available then and I will probably push App Ground 1.3.0 to the developer branch.

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