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Major changes to Facile

11th January 2014

When I took the development of facile Framework public, I was using it as a component when building websites and apps. I did never use the entire framework for a site or more than one color swatch. The major difference between Facile and other front end frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap or Foundation was that Facile was no front end framework, it was a CSS framework and nothing more…

Before I go into the changes I have made to Facile, think if Bootstrap would have ten color swatches by default for every component? No there is no need for it.

Facile have many plugins for things like Google Maps, Youtube… they all have support for the color swatches.

Nowadays Facile framework is no longer a CSS framework it’s a CSS prototyping framework. Tons of components, ten color swatches and a couple of plugins. I can easily create a nice looking website in ten minutes with with Facile it won’t have great browser support but still…

In the coming week I will and the sub folder “Tools” to the master repo there you will see a tool that allows you to create custom color swatches, more tools will follow. The source written in LESS will be published when I have the time to write the documentation for it. The major addons will be available through the repo in the coming weeks.

For now I have replaced the existing grid system and dropped Normalize in favor of a custom solution.

I got a week of in about five weeks from now, maybe a stable version is meant to be available then? :-)

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