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App Ground 1.2.0

16th December 2013

So still no Docs… But 1.2.0 and all stuff that comes with it :-)

Dropped Print Styles:

I decide to drop them now, not many offline webapps would use them anyway, and if you would like to they are available in Facile Framework…

Dropped use of Google CDN:

I did some tests and the Google CDN for jQuery does not speed up sites much at all, and if you are using Appcache as App-Ground it’s even slower the just load it locally…

Added jQuery source map:

As you probably know jQuery nowadays throws a 404 error when you does not include the source map, to fix that I just added it, before when using the CDN this was not a problem. I did also add it to Appcache so no 404 will be thrown when offline.

Added “msapplication-tile” Meta tags:

As Windows 8/8.1 gain market share this becomes more important, if you now pin a site to the start screen it would use the image defined in the “msapplication-tileimage” or if none is defined it would use the default Internet Explorer image. The new image is the same size as the “apple-touch-icon”(144x144) but I decided to not use the same image, because you probably does not want the same design on Windows 8 as on iOS…

It’s some other improvements for you to discover. See the CHANGELOG :-)

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