Another 4 JavaScript projects

6th February 2014

Sometime ago I wrote “4 JS projects at Github for your web app.” soon after I felt sorry about all the ones I did not write about. So here comes another four JavaScript projects.


“Logic-less templates with JavaScript”, I have not been using mustache.js for a long time but I can see tons of use for it in the future. It allows you to use its variables declared in JS or JSON almost anywhere with its simple syntax. I won’t go into explaining it, I leave that to it’s documentation. I found mustache.js through my contributions to Adobe Brackets, there it’s used for translations. I will probably use it similarly in some apps I working on, not major translations such as docs but UI related stuff.

mustache.js at Github


favico.js allows you to do tons of things with your web pages favicon, add animated badges, use any image as favicon or a video and some other stuff. It’s supported in Opera, Chrome and Firefox.
I don’t know if I will ever use this project in any public application, but it’s fun to play around with!

Webpage Github

jQuery Hotkeys

Yep, a jQuery plugin. It’s a great one, I first used it in a early version of Board. Since App Ground 1.3 jQuery Hotkeys is included there. If you have worked with adding hotkeys in a web app, you know that isn’t a fun story. Using jQuery Hotkeys it becomes a easy task, it’s developed by John Resig mostly known for developing jQuery ;-)



The <picture> element haven’t seen the daylight yet, hopefully we will see it in Firefox Aurora soon. Imager.js is developed at BBC News and is a great solution for responsive images. No more loading of multiply images. In favor of other solutions Imager.js can deal with pixel density, not something always needed but sill useful sometimes. I leave the exploration to you :-)


App Ground 1.3

21st January 2014

App Ground just got another major update, this time I have improved everything, based on feedback and testing. I won’t cover all of the changes here but you can always check the changelog.

Dropped Apache config

Your web app needs to be fast so face it Nginx is faster. I know many boilerplates for both Apache and Nginx and adding one of them isn’t that hard. App Ground should not cover server related stuff. In Ubuntu server 14.04 Niginx will be a part of its main repo.

Updated Normalize.css

No, 2.1.3 is still the latest version. But still Normalize has got several tweaks and changes and it’s these I have added. Yesterday I saw a weird commit over at Github that seams to be Normalize.css 3 Alpha(Compass and Sass?!).

Dropped help.js in favor of Modernizr

Help.js had its benefits but Modernizr seams to be a common solution. Personally I will use help.js but Modernizr was requested, help.js was only used in App Ground and Modernizr is used in big projects such as HTML5 Boilerplate.

Dropped the “position” CSS help classes

I use the position classes from Facile often, but most to prototyping in a optimized Web app I would never use them. Now when Facile Framework is moving in the direction to become a prototyping CSS Framework I’m consider dropping all of it in favor of less help classes. In App Ground 1.2 I dropped the print styles.

Some other things: Twitter cards, Hotkeys, bug fixes and some other stuff!

I think that this update is great and that App Ground now is great to!

CHANGELOG Github Repository Download Zip

Board as open source

17th January 2014

Board, my “startpage” in Opera, my note application, my bookmark manager and my page for testing HTML5 features. During the summer I decided to clean it up and allow other users try it out, I dropped tons of things(I miss the Grooveshark integration), and fixed the browser supports, I did add synchronization for Opera users(with a extension) and fixed the browser support.

The project died with the development of version two, and I can’t see that I will continue the work any soon. The project was the thing that made me create App Ground. Publishing the Board note core has just been a matter of time, but today I decided to get it done and now after a bit of code cleaning and cuts it’s published at Github. Don’t except too much, it’s just the code behind the notes(and some assets) I have published.

The notes system can easily be added to your websites and apps. Note that the notes is not shared between domains(because the use of localstorage).

Markdown Test

16th January 2014

This is just a major test for markdown, Jekyll excerpt and code highlighting.

The code highlightning example has been removed :-(

test case

test case my dog the default image for this post test case

Test test test [test][1] test test

  1. hello
  2. hello2

html {
  font: 14px/1.4 Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
  color: #333;
  -webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%;
  -ms-text-size-adjust: 100%;




####test [1]:

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