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Biocaching Continues

25th October 2015

photo from a press conference in Port Louis

Twice before has I has been writing about Biocaching, first when we won Hack4no then again when we relaunched the idea under the new name with a new website.

Since then we got to the Citizen Science Challenge hosted by UNEP/Eye on Earth Alliance. Bjørn and Alice went to Abu Dhabi and got a lot of great feedback.

We got featured on UNEPs website.

Biocaching was last week presented at a press conference in Port Louis, Mauritius, by the country’s Minister of Environment(Press letter).

We were featured on the webinar “Citizen Science & Citizens’ Observatories”, hosted by Bente Lilja Bye(link).

Jacqueline McGlade Chief Scientist UNEP also had some thoughts about our project.

That’s somethings that happened recently, up next is Slush in Helsinki. We would love to meet and talk open data and crowdsourcing!

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