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My new approach to online privacy

4th July 2019

I have for the last few yeas had a online privacy approach in the style of “Do not put all eggs in the same basket” or exemplified in the style of “If I use Google for email I won’t use it for browsing the web”.

Now after a few years of empirical learning I have decided to change this approach. It’s clear that the owner of “my” online data (the irony) is seldom static nor does it keep the data within its own walls.

My new approach is to create as little online data as possible. Below are some actual examples of things that has lead me towards this decision.

There are probably plenty of cases were these types of issues have been combined and exposed information about me to third parties unknown to me.

What I’m doing to limit online data about me

One might see me as paranoid or a privacy geek but these actions comes from actual concerns and real world examples.

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