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Grasping Concepts through Implementations

25th January 2019

I sometimes write code to learn things not at all related to code or technical concepts. It can be an implementation of a concept in math or even a Resting Metabolic Rate calculator. I used this technique quite a lot back when I was in school.

Below I’m providing an example I found while looking through old hard drives during the holidays. It’s Python implementation of the basics of complex numbers. The implementation itself is useless as these features are already built into the Python standard library itself but at the time things like this helped me grasp concepts quickly.

import math

Implementation of Polar and Cartesian coordinates and conversion between them.

These features exists within the Python standard library, this was meant 
for educational purposes.

class ComplexNumber:
    def __init__(self, real, imaginary, polar = False):
        if polar:
            distance = real
            angle = imaginary
            self.real = distance * math.cos(math.radians(angle))
            self.imaginary = distance * math.sin(math.radians(angle))
            self.real = real
            self.imaginary = imaginary

    def distance(self):
        return math.sqrt((self.real ** 2) + (self.imaginary ** 2))
    def angle(self):
        multiplier = 1
        if (self.real < 0):
            # Quadrant 2 or 3
            multiplier = 180
        elif (self.real >= 0 and self.imaginary < 0):
            # Quadrant 4
            multiplier = 360
        return math.degrees(math.atan(self.imaginary / self.real)) * multiplier

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