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Weekend Hack: Custom Mapillary Leaderboards

31st May 2017

Update the API this tool used does not exist anymore therefor it’s broken.


Last weekend I found some time for some coding for fun and learning. I played around with the basics of the canvas API, a bit more of CSS and visual stuff then I usually do. I ended up creating a site that allows Mapillary users to create their own custom leaderboards by just searching for participants and set a optional time frame.

I got some additional ideas that I might take on if there is a interest once school is over:

Speaking of school once the holiday is here I plan to learn and play around a bit more then usual with quite new frontend technologies. I’m looking at learning things about Webassembly, Service/Web Workers, HTML context menu API, WebVR and a bunch of other things, give me tip if there is anything specific you think I should share and try.

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