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OMapMapper Plans

30th May 2014

If you have been reading my blog time to time you know about OMapMaper, my project with the goal to in one week develop a fully working web app. OMapMapper ended up being a app for browsing your orienteering maps by location and sharing them online. It's not to simple to setup and it should not be used on a shared server. When the project week was over I had no intention to do any major improvements to the app, but things changes and now I got new ideas and feature concepts.

The new concept is about making OMapMapper just as simple to setup and use as Wordpress. Right now OMapMapper has some major issues.



The new concept introduces support for multiply users/accounts so that people can share server/web host. It will be responsive! It will have a full featured GeoJSON API so that you can embed the maps with no need to update anything. It will be simple to setup(just as Wordpress).

I don't know when I will do this, I have tons of plans this summer, I'm going to do orienteering in at least three countries, I will hopefully launch a private web service and I'm moving from home to study technics and orienteering. But I will get the time because this time my goal is to get the project done in three days not seven as last time.

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