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Ensuring VS Code can watch Snowman projects for file changes

15th February 2024

Rencently VS Code and VS Codium has been throwing the following error at me when working with Snowman projects:

Visual Studio Code is unable to watch for file changes in this large workspace

Turns out that VS Code is trying to watch all the files in the .snowman directory and it’s subdirectories. No wonder it’s complaining, there are a lot of files in there!

Adding .snowman to the files.watcherExclude setting in the VS Code settings solved the issue accross all my Snowman workspaces.

Now if do want to watch the .snowman directory for changes one thing you can do is to try to reduce the number of files in there by deleting old cache data with the following Snowman command:

snomwan cache --invalidate

This can be good practice to do anyway every now and then to keep folder from growing larger and larger.

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