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Recently Week 34 2020

24th August 2020


Took part in the weekly competition on the Swedish Wikipedia about adding video material to articles. In total, I added videos to 44 articles, thanks to the Wikidata query service.

Did a Wikidata live-stream with Jan again, I highlighted property 5991 “carbon footprint” hoping that usage will go up! You can watch the recording on Youtube.

Following a two day hike this weekend I (finally (buried a hatch?)) got a iNaturalist account.

Visualized disused railways in Sweden and Norway over lunch one day.

Sceenshot of my disused railways visualization.


Wikimedia Foundation Annual Carbon Footprint Report

Python Hash Tables: Understanding Dictionaries - a dive into how Python dictionaries are built on top of hash tables.

Jupyter Notebook REST API - While researching if there is an (easy) way to turn papemill notebooks into APIs if found Jupyter Kernel Gateway which took me halfway to what I wanted.

Apple VS Epic - This is such an interesting case. Well prepared lawsuit from a rich activist that wants to change the system while Apple in parallel faces investigations already.

New in PHP 8 - each time these “new in PHP” articles come around I get an urge to get back into some PHP development (other than MediaWiki), same this time.

Cool things around the internet

The Open Restitution Project - This project looks to collect and aggregate restitution data from an African perspective. They are currently looking for partners.

Final notes

“Recently” is a new format I’m trying out, inspired by my reading lists that have been up and down for years. The intention is to be broader and include things I and others have done that won’t make it into a post on its own.

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