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Hack4FI and Wikidata

8th February 2016

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I got home late yesterday after an entire weekend at Hack4FI - Hack your heritage in Helsinki. This was a very different hackathon for me, because I was there as a part of Wikimedia Finlands Wikidata project and had no intention at all to work on any specific project. The only aim I had was to promote Wikidata/Wikimedia and help with actual technical things as much as I could.

I found myself in a total new position where I was the person people pointed at if anyone had questions and the person people from different institutions ask about Wikidata/Wikimedia. I tried my best answering everyone and helping people create integrations. I know that we got a few people working on bots and integrations and a few organizations/institutions to start using Wikidata. I’m hoping I can continue be a support for both the organizations and individual developers, if I don’t know the answer to a question that just means that I will learn something new and that’s what I love!

I’m happy to see so many museums and other institutions opening up, many of them seams to have the process of copy and pasting values from a spreadsheet into Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons, aka there is a need for huge need for GLAM developers!


Actually I did a bit of actual coding for a project. Ajapaik2Commons could be completed in just two hours and was a nice way of ending the weekend. Ajapaik2Commons is a tool for taking a rephotograph from and publish it on Wikimedia Commons with all of its meta data. Ajapaik2Commons is based on the Mapillary2Commons tool made by André Costa and it uses the URL2Commons tool by Magnus Manske behind the scenes. It can be used by other tool passing a Ajapaik id through a URL parameter.

Currently it’s isn’t online, I’m going to publish it on the Tool Labs Server as soon as I got the time to look into how it works(got access almost direct after my request, amazing admins!), maybe I have the time on Wednesday!

Special thanks to Wikimedia Finland who made my participation possible! Keep on learning together everyone!

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