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4 JS projects at Github for your web app

6th December 2013


Together.js is created over at Mozilla Labs. It’s can add real time collaboration to most web apps out there. The backend hosted by Mozilla is built with Node.js and you can host this on your own server if you would like to do so.

Some features of Together.js:


List.js I just found… In the readme it’s described: “Perfect library for adding search, sort, filters and flexibility to tables, lists and various HTML elements.”. I have seen tons of examples and I will probably use this or something like this in some of my “work in progress” apps.

And there is a web page too


Speech.js isn’t the only project with that name. When I did some work with the Chrome web speech API if found this project created by Evan You(yep I think his web page is cool)… Speak.js is a wrapper for that API. If you have plans for using the Chrome web speech API do it with Speech.js…

It’s all on Github: Speech.js.


I love this… Formatter.js allows you to add a specified pattern to your users input, for example if you want your user to submit their phone number, formatter.js won’t allow letters to be written. You do add your own patterns and don’t have any limitations(as always with open source). If you need a simple implantation of this there is a jQuery version somewhere on the web but I haven’t tried it out(yet).

Yep a Github hosted webpage.

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