A slightly random list of "not too technical" projects.

Map Search

Map Search is an application to search and browse rectified map from Wikimedia Commons.


Thor is a powerful SPARQL and visualization application for K-samsök.

On This Day API

On This Day is an API built on top of Wikipedia.

PoIT 1645

PoIT 1645 is a visualization of how news got to Stockholm from accross Europe in 1645.

SOCH Data Quality

SOCH Data Quality Dashboard is a data quality dashboard for Swedish cultural heritage institutions.


Biocaching were an adward winning biodiversity and crowdsourcing project.

Fluffy Goggles

Fluffy Goggles is a tool for visual accessibility testing of web maps styles.

Wikidata Sign Languages

An web application to learn sign languages based on Wikidata.

Office Workouts

A web application to remind you to take breaks and exercise at your desk.

Platsr Odyssey

Platsr Odyssey were an application to auto generate storytelling apps from content.

Kyrksök VR

Kyrksö VR viewer allows users to experiance 360 degree photos in VR from their browser.

Kringla Visualized

Visualization of all the items in SOCH based on Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek visualized.

SMK Vikus Viewer

SMK Vikus Viewer is a Vikus Viewer based visualization of oil paintings from Statens Museum for Kunst.