So it's 2015

1st January 2015

2014 as a blogging year it did start well, five posts in January and nine in February. Seven of the blog posts wast about my OMap Mapper project(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), I have never been using it. It requires time! in March I was trying to keep the blogging going by the use of weekly updates, it did work, for three weeks(1, 2, 3). In April I complained about the fact that I had to little time. In May I published my AWW library(AJAX for WebWorkers), I ended up never using WebWorkers. In June I wrote about my idea to visualize my Long Night leg at Night Hawk in Oslo. In August I wrote about how that idea went all wrong. I also moved to Nyköping and begun studying orienteering and technology. In October I had a one week holiday so I did blog twice about OpenStreetMap(1, 2). And that’s 2014 as a blogging year.

2015 is going to be the best year ever, the orienteering season starts the 14th March in Denmark and soon after the Swedish League starts. I have also two ongoing projects that will be going live during this spring. More about them here in the coming days!

Have a great 2015 everyone!

Sunset in nature reserve near Himlinge

Nyköping OSM status completed!

26th October 2014

Untill today Nyköping has been having the status of “decent”. The list of cities in Sweden and their status can be found on the Wiki(WikiProject Sweden/Cities). After many hours of mapping yesterday, I changed the status to “completed”(for car navigation). The description of the completed status states “All public roads should be mapped. Roads should be tagged with name and driving restrictions should be fully mapped.”.

I decided when I saw the status table at the wiki yesterday that the task for the weekend should be to make sure that Nyköping could be given the status completed. I saw it as a easy task as we have been spending a loot of time on mapping buildings downtown but I did knew that some roads was missing names so I used the “QA” tool to check for roads without names. I think I added about 70 missing names, much more then I had thought of. I also discovered that in the eastern part of Nyköping there was black areas where roads were missing. The areas had no aerial imagery. I went to sleep late that night, mapping about 30 new roads without aerial imagery. I think the result become as good as it can be anyway.

The next parse in mapping Nyköping are we still discussing(we means me and another year one student at Nyköpings Orienteering Gymnasium). We are working on a task list that we will maintain through Github(Pages+Mapbox+GeoJSON) so that everyone can see what we are working on and give us a helping hand.

iD is our main editor and it's available under WTFPL.

Needed Holiday!

23rd October 2014

The one week autumn holiday is just one school day away and I need it. I haven’t had the time or reason to blog since I moved to Nyköping, everything just seams to be about orienteering and school. But still I’m working on one thing, I’m not alone on that project, but it’s a great one so I leave that for a blog post during the holiday. I’m actually considering spreading my studies on four years and not on three because right now I haft to prioritize away some school work.

During next week I’m hopefully going to have some great long distance workouts and still have time to do some heavy coding for the project mentioned above. I wont tell more about it now but it will be a very open one so you will be able to follow it here, on Twitter and on Google+.

I have some mapping planned for next week too, I happens to have some new satellite and GPS tools.

Night Hawk Recap

16th August 2014

First blog post from my new apartment, moved in earlier today!

So what happened to my “most awesome idea in the history of ice cream!”?

To make the story short, my GPS watch didn’t arrive in time, so it didn’t work at all. It’s sad but the race didn’t go to well for me anyway.

Positive Thinking!

Okey, I got some new friends which is always nice! It was a great and social event(whichin this case means “lakanskräck”). I’m coming back next year and probably I will also go to another event(three days) in Oslo during 2015. I got my new GPS watch now ;-)

The full moon at Holmenkollen.

The men's night mass start.

A picture from the forest during the night relay.

A picture picturing lot's of people eating strawberries.

Can you find me in the fourth picture?

All above photos by Aapo Laiho.

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